The following resources allow you to read current law, current practices and means of reporting without fear of reprisals for OSHA issues. Many of these sites are excellent for teaching and specific knowledge on safety standards for: hospitals, clinics and private medical offices.


What value analysis software is available for scalpel blades?

Where can I go to get up-to-date data on sharps injuries for 2019?

Where can I get the latest information from OSHA?

Which State has their own OSHA approval process?

Where can I go to report staff safety issues without fear of reprisals?

Where can I find additional OSHA material useful to my facility?

Where OSHA rule requires a single handed sharps removal system?

  • OSHA 1910.1030(D)(2)(VII)(B)

What is the definition of PPE related to Blood Bourn Pathogen Standards?

  • OSHA 1910.1030(D)(3)(I)

For questions relating to private facilities offering outpatient surgical procedures, Universal Healthcare is a tremendous resource for any planner. Everything from regulatory issues to patient and staff flow through a system is part of the expertise within this group.

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