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ORSafe was founded by our current Managing Editor, Allan Brack, to promote the safety of healthcare professionals in the operating room. With over 40 years of experience in the medical field, Mr. Brack frequently lectures on Sharps Safety and OSHA compliance in the O.R.

We have partnered with physicians, nurses, and surgical technologists to bring our vast knowledge of the challenges faced by professionals working in a dangerous environment to promote safety and collaboration. ORSafe is especially focused on growing our knowledge-base and providing the most accurate information we can, that’s why we are constantly seeking guidance and encourage members of the OR community to contact us if you’re interested in promoting safety in your workplace using our agenda.

Our Mission

ORSafe.org is committed to providing the most accurate safety information to all medical professionals who work in the operating room. We especially emphasize the acquisition, analysis, and distribution of empirical data so we can be the most trusted resource for operating room safety practices.

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